Wallace Development Company services cover all aspects of the commercial property development process from the sourcing of sites and drafting plans to project management and delivering a ‘turn key’ solution for clients. Clients may choose to lease or purchase completed premises from our company. We also consider purchasing from clients their existing premises which require upgrading, seismic strengthening and expanding.

We are not property speculators and the majority of our projects are completed for known clients who are committed prior to the commencement of detailed design and construction. Our market edge is a focus on strategic development - providing the right location, the right profile, and the right price to meet our clients’ needs. Whether building completely new premises or upgrading and redeveloping existing buildings, we aim to deliver cost effective, high quality, innovative business premises.

Client satisfaction and maintaining the highest quality is paramount to our company. We use a trusted range of contractors, with our own project managers overseeing all developments to ensure our expectations and those of our clients are met.

Recent talks of a downturn in the property market due to the recession is of no concern to our company; we are strong in our market and have a good reputation, highlighted by the number of new clients gained by word of mouth. The level of trust is high, which will carry us through any market glitches or even downturns. We plan to keep expanding the company throughout New Zealand.

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Jonathan Wallace
Managing Director
Wallace Development Company Limited